Sister Glamarama Ding Dong

Abbess (President) and Co-Founder

Novice Sister Glamarama DingDong.jpgGlamarama began life as a precociously fabulous little gay boy that loved sparkles, petticoats and elaborate headpieces. As fate would have it his flamboyance wasn’t frowned upon and he was readily urged to be himself and nurture his creativity! As a friend of many Sisters his need to share that desire to create beauty as well as instruct our community to love their own uniquely fabulous selves was recognized. With a handful of like minded people he was asked to start a mission house of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in Kansas City. With the flick of a brush or twenty he took to the calling of the veil naturally and shares his gifts for dispensing glamour and recognizing your own magical beauty readily! Glamarama loves interacting with the local LGBTQ community dispensing knowledge on our past while keeping a heavily lashed eye on the present all the while looking to our future!

Sister Ethyl Lynn Torch, the Flaming

Mistress of Novices, and Co-Founder

Novice Sister Ethyl Lynn Torch, the Flaming.jpgNv Sr Ethyl Lynn Torch, the Flaming is one hot dish.  with a love for the community and the gift of gab, she hits the streets to promote love in all of its forms.  Her favorite quote:  “The sexiest thing you can receive from another person is consent!”

Sister Limona Cello


Novice Sister Limona Cello.jpgOne of the original founding six members, Limona Cello discarded her previous manifestation of “the bearly-bystandard” and has come into her next phase of metamorphosis as a Novice Sister in the City of Fountain Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Limn is a lover of all things fabulously queer and delights in transforming bigoted ignorance into informative joy through music, reading, and good old-fashioned glitter fucking. She strives to be a beacon of hope for any lost souls who are afraid of shinning their true natures onto the heteronormative darkness. “I joined the COFSOPI to help share the same love and joy the queer community imparted upon me as a young, closeted queer male, to cultivate a lasting and loving impression on my queer family, and to help guide unknown kindred souls who need a love and light shone on the jagged road of life.

Sister CupKake

Mistress of the Quill (Secretary)

Novice Sister CupKake.jpgPlease meet Novice Sister CupKake. “She’s delicious…” Grover, as he is known in general, has been involved in female impersonation for over 25 years in the KC area. Grover decided he wanted to do more for his community and looked for an outlet where he could be both creative and make a difference. The CoFS was just the right mix and CupKake was born. N S CupKake holds the office of Mistress of the Quill (secretary) for the house. Grover is an insurance professional with 20 + years of supervisory and leadership experience. He enjoys merging his administrative skills and his entertaining talents for the betterment of the house, the community, and other LGBTQIA+ causes. When not manifested, he is a “father” of 3 furchildren and an AVID Transformers collector/enthusiast.

Novice Sister FrankenSiren

Novice Sister FrankenSiren.jpgI am an Jewish Aquarian Siren (merman ) with a side of Gypsy due to my eclectic tatse! My favourite colour is yellow ! When I am not manifesting I am busy with my Merman and Hair Artisan career. In my spare time I enjoy swimming in my tail, visiting aquariums, zoos, rollerskating and Bellydance. My favourite animal is the Octopus more specifically the Blue ringed Octopus. Things about my Sisterhood- I joined the City of Fountains Sisters to help build my own sence of community while spreading what bit of love, joy and happiness that can share. My journey began in August 2016 I was voted in to be a Postulant in October 2016, voted to elevate to Novice Sister in April 2017 and look forward to my journey to Fully professed Sister as well what the future brings. – Bubble kisses and Octopus hugs  and just keep swimming (like I do!)

Novice Sister Goldie Grrr (three R’s)

Novice Sister Goldie Grrr (three R's).jpgHello! My name’s Novice Sister Goldie Grrr (three R’s) and I’m from Kansas City, born and raised! I’ve been a part of the City of Fountains Sisters since May of 2016, and a Novice Sister since November of 2016. I hope to work with my sister’s to create a community that’s open, accepting, and fun for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, class, or ability.




Novice Sister Burma Titzcold

Postulant Sister Burma Titzcold.jpgMy daily life includes managing a team of cashiers over five randomly scheduled days each week.  I enjoy watching shows, such as Roseanne, Doctor Who, and Charmed.  I love horror movies, no matter how bad they are.  My favorite color is purple. I heard great things about the Sisters from friends around the country.  After some outings to some local LGBT hangouts, I was introduced to some sisters by a very good friend.  This introduction lead to my meet and greet on Monday, January 9, 2017.  I learned more about the Sisters, their mission, and was given the opportunity to aspire to join their group.   On Monday, April 10, 2017, I was elevated from aspirant to postulant.  This lead to several events from Bear Bust, to Pride in three cities.  Each outing, though well planned, is always an adventure. My goal as a Sister is to help spread joy, while educating the local youth on LGBT history, safe sex, and safe fun; always have a safe word!

Postulant Sister Hunny Bunches of Oaths

Postulant Sister Hunny Bunches of Oaths.jpgName: Veronica Raemona Villages Carrillo (McDonald is not official… yet) Sister Name: Hunny Bunches of Oaths AKA Hunny Bunny Date of Birth: 11/16/1985 Place of Birth: San Jose, CA Living in: Overland Park, KS Gender: Female (She/her) Sex: Yes, please. Height: 5’4” Weight: 260 lbs (give or take a few pounds ❤ ) Hair: Long thick, wavy deep burnt umber brownish black in color Eyes: Brown Limb Dexterity: 7/10 Skills and Talents: Other than able to fit my fist inside my mouth, I can also spot a daddy a mile away. In all seriousness, I played the viola for ten years, studied taekwondo for seven years, prop making since 2003, and drawing for most of my life. Favourites/Likes: I love video games (RPGs, fighting games, adventure games, and puzzle games), tabletop RPGs, equality for all, humans (but only the good ones), Game of Thrones, beer, big thick burritos, and garlic anything (Even ice cream… DON’T KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRY IT) Most Hated/Dislikes: Needles, Trump, decaf coffee, fascism, Trump, inequality, kiwi’s (not New Zealanders, but the actual fruit), cockroaches, humidity, beets, and oh yeah… Trump.    Background: Born and raised in San Jose, CA (for those of you who don’t know where that is, it’s the heart of silicon valley and also 45 mins south of San Francisco) and the youngest of two, I knew from a young age that I was different from the other girls. I was a bit of a tomboy and a bit of a fem but I was always attracted to people of all walks of life. It wasn’t until later in life when I finally understood what a pansexual was. Although coming out of the closet was hard, I have been very happy to accept this part of me since coming out. I am married to my best friend and closest companion, Lachlan McDonald and have been in Kansas City off and on since 2011. Goals: I want to have a place where people of all walks of life can come together and able to better the world together. The baby steps, for me, starts with starting a conversation about teen suicide rates and the link with the LGBTQAI+ community, especially with the transgender community. Also the safety of teaching our younger generations the value of not only safe sex to protect oneself from STDs, but also the importance of consensual sex and the value of saying “No” when you feel unsafe.


Guard Phil La Joque-Strapp


Novice Guard Phil La Joque-StrappI am a Cancer with a Leo rising. I like long walks on the beach and short trips to the moon. I run a tight ship with loose morals. I am an Empath and an Elemental on multiple dimensions. I give better than I get and I give till it hurts and expect the same in return. I believe that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are sent from a higher plane to educate, nurture and protect. In my life and as a Guard my motto is “TRY HARDER” and I try to instill this in others by teaching them that anything worth having is worth working hard for. And as diverse human beings in the world LGBTQ community, learning to love ourselves and each other, in all of our different shapes, colors and backgrounds is the true meaning of life.

Novice Guard Stan d’Offish

Postulant Guard Stan d'Offish.pngPostulant Guard Stan d’Offish Stan first became involved in activism in 1997 in Wichita, Ks and has been fortunate to have been a part of various volunteer efforts, a couple of major social movements, and a local (KC) nonprofit throughout his years. He’s been inspired by many strong leaders and dedicated individuals working to create positive change while contributing their time, resources and skills to various social and local endeavors. Motivated by necessity, driven by compassion, and committed to making a difference while serving the community, Stan is proud to serve as a Postulant Guard and looks forward to contributing fully as a Novice Guard if he is honored enough to be invited to go further within the mission house of the City of Fountains Sisters. While Stan prefers to work behind the scenes, he certainly isn’t shy. He’s just a tad sarcastic and a bit standoffish, and he takes his role seriously. Seriously.