Salutations, sinners! I’m Ryan, or Postulant Guard Lemmy Tuggitt. I’m native to Kansas City. I enjoy video games, good music, and long walks to the taco truck. I currently hate/fix computers and other electronics in a retail setting. I’ve always been the guy that was quiet and reserved, but also the first to stick up for those in need. I was impelled to the Sisters because I want to utilize that drive for the protection and advancement of the community. I started my voyage with the CoFS SoPI in February 2017 as an Aspirant, and I was fortunate enough to be elevated to Postulant in May 2017. In face, I enjoy nothing more than bringing happiness to other people. My mission is to enlighten and help them become the happiest, healthiest, and most educated versions of themselves. In the future, I look forward to the opportunity to elevate and extend more support to the community. In the current climate, we have to convene and expiate as much stigmatic guilt as possible while promulgating that much more universal joy. Bear hugs and belly rubs, Lemmy

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